exigent (ek.sɪ.dʒənt): adj. demanding immediate attention and precise accuracy
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Conference Production

From think tanks to multinational conferences...

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Event Management

Quality events, end-to-end...

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Registration Management

Professional Events using a bespoke industry leading Registration Management System...

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Coaching & Training

Let us help you to; present with confidence, engage with audiences regardless of size and communicate with purpose....

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About Us

Innovative Event solutions delivered with passion and quality...

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Exigent Events
Exigent Events has a wealth of experience in organising and managing events across the globe. These range from half day business forums in London through to week-long international conferences in third world countries. With this diverse conference experience, Exigent Events has amassed a vast number of highly reliable contacts that will enable your organisation to host industry leading events.
Organising events can be extremely challenging, especially in post-conflict and/or emerging markets but Exigent Events takes the pain out of event management.
  • No fee exploration missions; if there’s a location you’re interested in exploring, Exigent Events will visit the location and gather the information you require to make an informed decision
  • Bespoke Registration Management System (RMS); a completely self-contained, self-designed industry leading system hosted entirely on-line
  • Integrated website suite; new clients are immediately updated on your website including corporate profiles and logos
  • On-line badging system; giving delegates the ability to view their pass whilst you’re producing it
  • Acquisition of senior ministerial level speakers; plenary panel participants, conference programme production and much more
  • True end-to-end solutions; event research & exploration, programme development, speaker acquisition, venue & 3rd party supplier sourcing, contract negotiations, staging & backdrops, artworks, logistical arrangements, slide creation, event brochures, mobile applications, real-time audience participation, web streaming, one-to-one meeting scheduling and much more
  • Professionally designed pre and post-event media production
  • Security investigation and advice
  • Focussed personal events; e.g. travel tour, corporate trips, association days
  • Dedicated telephone number; for your event and personalised greeting
  • Above all, Exigent Events provides bespoke solutions for challenging environments…
We're different because we care to be; we care passionately about what we do and how we do it. We're innovative and excel under pressure, engage with people from all walks of life and appreciate the euphoria of a well planned and delivered world-class event. Quality is our driving force and our attention to detail is what makes us stand out from the crowd.